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API Reference


@microsoft/api-documenterAPI Documenter generates an API reference website from the .api.json files created by API Extractor. The @microsoft/api-documenter package provides the command-line tool. It also exposes a developer API that you can use to create plugins that customize how API Documenter generates documentation.
@microsoft/api-extractorAPI Extractor helps with validation, documentation, and reviewing of the exported API for a TypeScript library. The @microsoft/api-extractor package provides the command-line tool. It also exposes a developer API that you can use to invoke API Extractor programmatically.
@microsoft/api-extractor-modelUse this library to read and write *.api.json files as defined by the API Extractor tool. These files are used to generate a documentation website for your TypeScript package. The files store the API signatures and doc comments that were extracted from your package.
@microsoft/rush-libA library for writing scripts that interact with the Rush tool.

This package is used to manage debug certificates for development servers.

This package provides the following utilities:

- CertificateStore to handle retrieving and saving a debug certificate.

- CertificateManager is a utility class containing the following public methods:

- ensureCertificate will find or optionally create a debug certificate and trust it.

- untrustCertificate will untrust a debug certificate.

@rushstack/heftHeft is a config-driven toolchain that invokes other popular tools such as TypeScript, ESLint, Jest, Webpack, and API Extractor. You can use it to build web applications, Node.js services, command-line tools, libraries, and more.
@rushstack/heft-config-fileA library for loading config files for use with the Heft build system.
@rushstack/localization-utilitiesSome utilities for working with Rush Stack localization files.
@rushstack/module-minifierThis library wraps terser in convenient handles for parallelization. It powers @rushstack/webpack4-module-minifier-plugin and @rushstack/webpack5-module-minifier-plugin but has no coupling with webpack.
@rushstack/node-core-libraryCore libraries that every NodeJS toolchain project should use.
@rushstack/package-deps-hashThis package builds a JSON object containing the git hashes of all files used to produce a given NPM package. The Rush tool uses this library to implement incremental build detection.
@rushstack/rig-packageA system for sharing tool configurations between projects without duplicating config files.
@rushstack/stream-collatorThis library enables a tool to display live console output from multiple concurrent processes, while ensuring that their output does not get jumbled together.
@rushstack/terminalThis library implements a system for processing human readable text that will be output by console applications.
@rushstack/tree-patternA fast, lightweight pattern matcher for tree structures such as an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST).
@rushstack/ts-command-lineAn object-oriented command-line parser for TypeScript projects.
@rushstack/typings-generatorAn engine for generating TypeScript .d.ts files that provide type signatures for non-TypeScript modules such as generated JavaScript or CSS. It can operate in either a single-run mode or a watch mode.