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api-documenter package

API Documenter generates an API reference website from the .api.json files created by API Extractor. The @microsoft/api-documenter package provides the command-line tool. It also exposes a developer API that you can use to create plugins that customize how API Documenter generates documentation.


MarkdownDocumenterAccessorProvides access to the documenter that is generating the output.
MarkdownDocumenterFeatureInherit from this base class to implement an API Documenter plugin feature that customizes the generation of markdown output.
MarkdownDocumenterFeatureContextContext object for MarkdownDocumenterFeature. Exposes various services that can be used by a plugin.
PluginFeatureContextContext object for PluginFeature. Exposes various services that can be used by a plugin.
PluginFeatureInitializationThis is an internal part of the plugin infrastructure.

Abstract Classes

Abstract ClassDescription
PluginFeatureThe abstract base class for all API Documenter plugin features.


IApiDocumenterPluginManifestThe manifest for an API Documenter plugin.
IFeatureDefinitionDefines a "feature" that is provided by an API Documenter plugin. A feature is a user-defined module that customizes the behavior of API Documenter.
IMarkdownDocumenterFeatureOnBeforeWritePageArgsEvent arguments for MarkdownDocumenterFeature.onBeforeWritePage()
IMarkdownDocumenterFeatureOnFinishedArgsEvent arguments for MarkdownDocumenterFeature.onFinished()