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debug-certificate-manager package

This package is used to manage debug certificates for development servers.

This package provides the following utilities:

  • CertificateStore to handle retrieving and saving a debug certificate.

  • CertificateManager is a utility class containing the following public methods:

  • ensureCertificate will find or optionally create a debug certificate and trust it.

  • untrustCertificate will untrust a debug certificate.


CertificateManagerA utility class to handle generating, trusting, and untrustring a debug certificate. Contains two public methods to ensureCertificate and untrustCertificate.
CertificateStoreStore to retrieve and save debug certificate data.


ICertificateThe interface for a debug certificate instance
ICertificateGenerationOptionsOptions to use if needing to generate a new certificate


DEFAULT_CERTIFICATE_SUBJECT_NAMESThe set of names the certificate should be generated for, by default.