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module-minifier package


LocalMinifierMinifier implementation that minifies code on the main thread.
MessagePortMinifierMinifier implementation that outsources requests to the other side of a MessagePort
NoopMinifierMinifier implementation that does not actually transform the code, for debugging.
WorkerPoolMinifierMinifier implementation that uses a thread pool for minification.


getIdentifier(ordinal)Gets a base54 string suitable for use as a JavaScript identifier, omitting those that are valid ECMAScript keywords


ILocalMinifierOptionsOptions for configuring the LocalMinifier
IMinifierConnectionMetadata from the minifier for the plugin
IModuleMinificationCallbackCallback passed to a minifier function
IModuleMinificationErrorResultResult from the minifier function when an error is encountered.
IModuleMinificationRequestRequest to the minifier
IModuleMinificationSuccessResultResult from the minifier on a successful minification.
IModuleMinifierObject that can be invoked to minify code.
IModuleMinifierFunctionAn async function called to minify a chunk of code
IWorkerPoolMinifierOptionsOptions for configuring the WorkerPoolMinifier

Type Aliases

Type AliasDescription
IModuleMinificationResultResult from the minifier.