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IExtractorInvokeOptions interface

Runtime options for Extractor.


export interface IExtractorInvokeOptions 


compilerState?CompilerState(Optional) An optional TypeScript compiler state. This allows an optimization where multiple invocations of API Extractor can reuse the same TypeScript compiler analysis.
localBuild?boolean(Optional) Indicates that API Extractor is running as part of a local build, e.g. on developer's machine.
messageCallback?(message: ExtractorMessage) => void(Optional) An optional callback function that will be called for each ExtractorMessage before it is displayed by API Extractor. The callback can customize the message, handle it, or discard it.
showDiagnostics?boolean(Optional) If true, API Extractor will print diagnostic information used for troubleshooting problems. These messages will be included as ExtractorLogLevel.Verbose output.
showVerboseMessages?boolean(Optional) If true, API Extractor will include ExtractorLogLevel.Verbose messages in its output.
typescriptCompilerFolder?string(Optional) Specifies an alternate folder path to be used when loading the TypeScript system typings.