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DiscardStdoutTransform class

This API is provided as a preview for developers and may change based on feedback that we receive. Do not use this API in a production environment.

DiscardStdoutTransform discards stdout chunks while fixing up malformed stderr lines.


export declare class DiscardStdoutTransform extends TerminalTransform 

Extends: TerminalTransform


Suppose that a poorly behaved process produces output like this:

process.stdout.write('Starting operation...\n');
process.stderr.write('An error occurred');
process.stdout.write('\nFinishing up\n');
process.stderr.write('The process completed with errors\n');

When stdout and stderr are combined on the console, the mistake in the output would not be noticeable:

Starting operation...
An error occurred
Finishing up
The process completed with errors

However, if we discard stdout, then stderr is missing a newline:

An error occurredThe process completed with errors

Tooling scripts can introduce these sorts of problems via edge cases that are difficult to find and fix. DiscardStdoutTransform can discard the stdout stream and fix up stderr:

An error occurred
The process completed with errors


(constructor)(options)(BETA) Constructs a new instance of the DiscardStdoutTransform class