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ExtractorConfig.tryLoadForFolder() method

Searches for the api-extractor.json config file associated with the specified starting folder, and loads the file if found. This lookup supports rig packages.


static tryLoadForFolder(options: IExtractorConfigLoadForFolderOptions): IExtractorConfigPrepareOptions | undefined;




IExtractorConfigPrepareOptions | undefined

An options object that can be passed to ExtractorConfig.prepare(), or undefined if not api-extractor.json file was found.


The search will first look for a package.json file in a parent folder of the starting folder; if found, that will be used as the base folder instead of the starting folder. If the config file is not found in <baseFolder>/api-extractor.json or <baseFolder>/config/api-extractor.json, then <baseFolder/config/rig.json will be checked to see whether a rig package is referenced; if so then the rig's api-extractor.json file will be used instead. If a config file is found, it will be loaded and returned with the IExtractorConfigPrepareOptions object. Otherwise, undefined is returned to indicate that API Extractor does not appear to be configured for the specified folder.