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IConfigFile.projectFolder property

Determines the <projectFolder> token that can be used with other config file settings. The project folder typically contains the tsconfig.json and package.json config files, but the path is user-defined.


projectFolder?: string;


The path is resolved relative to the folder of the config file that contains the setting.

The default value for projectFolder is the token <lookup>, which means the folder is determined using the following heuristics:

If the config/rig.json system is used (as defined by @rushstack/rig-package), then the <lookup> value will be the package folder that referenced the rig.

Otherwise, the <lookup> value is determined by traversing parent folders, starting from the folder containing api-extractor.json, and stopping at the first folder that contains a tsconfig.json file. If a tsconfig.json file cannot be found in this way, then an error will be reported.