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RepoStateFile class

This file is used to track the state of various Rush-related features. It is generated and updated by Rush.


export declare class RepoStateFile 


filePathreadonlystringGet the absolute file path of the repo-state.json file.
isValidreadonlybooleanIf false, the repo-state.json file is not valid and its values cannot be relied upon
pnpmShrinkwrapHashreadonlystring | undefinedThe hash of the pnpm shrinkwrap file at the end of the last update.
preferredVersionsHashreadonlystring | undefinedThe hash of all preferred versions at the end of the last update.


loadFromFile(jsonFilename, variant)staticLoads the repo-state.json data from the specified file path. If the file has not been created yet, then an empty object is returned.
refreshState(rushConfiguration)Refresh the data contained in repo-state.json using the current state of the Rush repo, and save the file if changes were made.