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EnvironmentConfiguration class

This API is provided as a preview for developers and may change based on feedback that we receive. Do not use this API in a production environment.

Provides Rush-specific environment variable data. All Rush environment variables must start with "RUSH_". This class is designed to be used by RushConfiguration.

export declare class EnvironmentConfiguration


Initialize will throw if any unknown parameters are present.


absoluteSymlinksstaticboolean(BETA) If "1", create symlinks with absolute paths instead of relative paths. See EnvironmentVariableNames.RUSH_ABSOLUTE_SYMLINKS
allowUnsupportedNodeVersionstaticboolean(BETA) If this environment variable is set to "1", the Node.js version check will print a warning instead of causing a hard error if the environment's Node.js version doesn't match the version specifier in rush.json's "nodeSupportedVersionRange" property. See EnvironmentVariableNames.RUSH_ALLOW_UNSUPPORTED_NODEJS .
allowWarningsInSuccessfulBuildstaticboolean(BETA) Setting this environment variable overrides the value of allowWarningsInSuccessfulBuild in the command-line.json configuration file. Specify 1 to allow warnings in a successful build, or 0 to disallow them. (See the comments in the command-line.json file for more information).
buildCacheCredentialstaticstring | undefined(BETA) Provides a credential for reading from and writing to a remote build cache, if configured. See EnvironmentVariableNames.RUSH_BUILD_CACHE_CREDENTIAL
buildCacheEnabledstaticboolean | undefined(BETA) If set, enables or disables the cloud build cache feature. See EnvironmentVariableNames.RUSH_BUILD_CACHE_ENABLED
buildCacheWriteAllowedstaticboolean | undefined(BETA) If set, enables or disables writing to the cloud build cache. See EnvironmentVariableNames.RUSH_BUILD_CACHE_WRITE_ALLOWED
gitBinaryPathstaticstring | undefined(BETA) Allows the git binary path to be explicitly provided. See EnvironmentVariableNames.RUSH_GIT_BINARY_PATH
pnpmStorePathOverridestaticstring | undefined(BETA) An override for the PNPM store path, if pnpmStore configuration is set to 'path' See EnvironmentVariableNames.RUSH_PNPM_STORE_PATH
rushGlobalFolderOverridestaticstring | undefined(BETA) Overrides the location of the ~/.rush global folder where Rush stores temporary files. See EnvironmentVariableNames.RUSH_GLOBAL_FOLDER
rushTempFolderOverridestaticstring | undefined(BETA) An override for the common/temp folder path.
tarBinaryPathstaticstring | undefined(BETA) Allows the tar binary path to be explicitly provided. See EnvironmentVariableNames.RUSH_TAR_BINARY_PATH


parseBooleanEnvironmentVariable(name, value)static(BETA)
reset()static(BETA) Resets EnvironmentConfiguration into an un-initialized state.
validate(options)static(BETA) Reads and validates environment variables. If any are invalid, this function will throw.