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PnpmOptionsConfiguration.preventManualShrinkwrapChanges property

If true, then rush install will report an error if manual modifications were made to the PNPM shrinkwrap file without running rush update afterwards.


readonly preventManualShrinkwrapChanges: boolean;


This feature protects against accidental inconsistencies that may be introduced if the PNPM shrinkwrap file (pnpm-lock.yaml) is manually edited. When this feature is enabled, rush update will write a hash of the shrinkwrap contents to repo-state.json, and then rush update and rush install will validate the hash. Note that this does not prohibit manual modifications, but merely requires rush update be run afterwards, ensuring that PNPM can report or repair any potential inconsistencies.

To temporarily disable this validation when invoking rush install, use the --bypass-policy command-line parameter.

The default value is false.