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PnpmOptionsConfiguration.unsupportedPackageJsonSettings property

(USE AT YOUR OWN RISK) This is a free-form property bag that will be copied into the common/temp/package.json file that is generated by Rush during installation. This provides a way to experiment with new PNPM features. These settings will override any other Rush configuration associated with a given JSON field except for .pnpmfile.cjs.

USAGE OF THIS SETTING IS NOT SUPPORTED BY THE RUSH MAINTAINERS AND MAY CAUSE RUSH TO MALFUNCTION. If you encounter a missing PNPM setting that you believe should be supported, please create a GitHub issue or PR. Note that Rush does not aim to support every possible PNPM setting, but rather to promote a battle-tested installation strategy that is known to provide a good experience for large teams with lots of projects.


readonly unsupportedPackageJsonSettings: unknown | undefined;