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Brand type

A "branded type" is a primitive type with a compile-type key that makes it incompatible with other aliases for the primitive type.


export type Brand<T, BrandTag extends string> = T & {
__brand: BrandTag;


Example usage:

// PhoneNumber is a branded type based on the "string" primitive.
type PhoneNumber = Brand<string, 'PhoneNumber'>;

function createPhoneNumber(input: string): PhoneNumber {
if (!/\d+(\-\d+)+/.test(input)) {
throw new Error('Invalid phone number: ' + JSON.stringify(input));
return input as PhoneNumber;

const p1: PhoneNumber = createPhoneNumber('123-456-7890');

// PhoneNumber is a string and can be used as one:
const p2: string = p1;

// But an arbitrary string cannot be implicitly type cast as PhoneNumber.
// ERROR: Type 'string' is not assignable to type 'PhoneNumber'
const p3: PhoneNumber = '123-456-7890';

For more information about this pattern, see this comment explaining the TypeScript compiler's introduction of this pattern, and this article explaining the technique in depth.