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IJsonFileStringifyOptions interface

Options for JsonFile.stringify()


export interface IJsonFileStringifyOptions 


headerComment?string(Optional) If specified, this header will be prepended to the start of the file. The header must consist of lines prefixed by "//" characters.
ignoreUndefinedValues?boolean(Optional) By default, JsonFile.stringify() validates that the object does not contain any keys whose value is undefined. To disable this validation, set ignoreUndefinedValues=true which causes such keys to be silently discarded, consistent with the system JSON.stringify().
newlineConversion?NewlineKind(Optional) If provided, the specified newline type will be used instead of the default \r\n.
prettyFormatting?boolean(Optional) If true, then the "jju" library will be used to improve the text formatting. Note that this is slightly slower than the native JSON.stringify() implementation.