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JsonFile class

Utilities for reading/writing JSON files.

export declare class JsonFile


load(jsonFilename)staticLoads a JSON file.
loadAndValidate(jsonFilename, jsonSchema, options)staticLoads a JSON file and validate its schema.
loadAndValidateAsync(jsonFilename, jsonSchema, options)staticAn async version of JsonFile.loadAndValidate() .
loadAndValidateWithCallback(jsonFilename, jsonSchema, errorCallback)staticLoads a JSON file and validate its schema, reporting errors using a callback
loadAndValidateWithCallbackAsync(jsonFilename, jsonSchema, errorCallback)staticAn async version of JsonFile.loadAndValidateWithCallback() .
loadAsync(jsonFilename)staticAn async version of JsonFile.load() .
parseString(jsonContents)staticParses a JSON file's contents.
save(jsonObject, jsonFilename, options)staticSaves the file to disk. Returns false if nothing was written due to options.onlyIfChanged.
saveAsync(jsonObject, jsonFilename, options)staticAn async version of .
stringify(jsonObject, options)staticSerializes the specified JSON object to a string buffer.
updateString(previousJson, newJsonObject, options)staticSerializes the specified JSON object to a string buffer.
validateNoUndefinedMembers(jsonObject)staticUsed to validate a data structure before writing. Reports an error if there are any undefined members.