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PackageNameParser class

A configurable parser for validating and manipulating NPM package names such as my-package or @scope/my-package.


export declare class PackageNameParser 


If you do not need to customize the parser configuration, it is recommended to use PackageName which exposes these operations as a simple static class.


(constructor)(options)Constructs a new instance of the PackageNameParser class


combineParts(scope, unscopedName)Combines an optional package scope with an unscoped root name.
getScope(packageName)The parsed NPM scope, or an empty string if there was no scope. The scope value will always include the at-sign.
getUnscopedName(packageName)The parsed NPM package name without the scope.
isValidName(packageName)Returns true if the specified package name is valid, or false otherwise.
parse(packageName)Same as PackageName.tryParse(), except this throws an exception if the input cannot be parsed.
tryParse(packageName)This attempts to parse a package name that may include a scope component. The packageName must not be an empty string.
validate(packageName)Throws an exception if the specified name is not a valid package name. The packageName must not be an empty string.