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IExecutableSpawnSyncOptions interface

Options for Executable.spawnSync()

export interface IExecutableSpawnSyncOptions extends IExecutableResolveOptions
Extends: [IExecutableResolveOptions](/pages/node-core-library.iexecutableresolveoptions)


input?string(Optional) The content to be passed to the child process's stdin. NOTE: If specified, this content replaces any IExecutableSpawnSyncOptions.stdio[0] mapping for stdin.
maxBuffer?number(Optional) The largest amount of bytes allowed on stdout or stderr for this synchronous operation. If exceeded, the child process will be terminated. The default is 200 * 1024.
stdio?ExecutableStdioMapping(Optional) The stdio mappings for the child process. NOTE: If IExecutableSpawnSyncOptions.input is provided, it will take precedence over the stdin mapping (stdio[0]).
timeoutMs?number(Optional) The maximum time the process is allowed to run before it will be terminated.